Everything You Need to Know About Explainer Videos

Alles, was Sie über Erklärvideos wissen müssen

Explainer videos are an extremely effective form of communication that can be used in many different areas of application. In this comprehensive article, we will cover all the important aspects of explainer videos. From the basics to the different types to proven methods and tools for creating them, you will have a comprehensive understanding of explainer videos after reading this article.


What are explainer videos?


Explainer videos are audiovisual content that serve to convey complex information or concepts in an understandable and entertaining way. They combine visual elements such as animations, graphics or live action scenes with explanatory text or spoken word. The ability to present information in this way makes explainer videos an effective means of communication in various areas.

Definition of explanatory videos


Explainer videos are short videos that often last between 1 and 5 minutes and explain complex topics in simple language and in a visually appealing way. They can be used to demonstrate product features, explain complex processes, provide training or simply draw attention to a topic.

Why are explainer videos so effective?


Explainer videos are particularly effective because they easily attract the viewer’s attention. The combination of visual and auditory stimuli makes it easier to absorb information. In addition, explainer videos are usually short and concise, which keeps viewers interested and allows information to be consumed quickly.

Types of explainer videos


There are different types of explainer videos that can be selected depending on requirements and objectives. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages that make it suitable for certain purposes.

Whiteboard explanatory videos


Whiteboard explainer videos use animation technology to simulate hand-drawing on a virtual whiteboard. This method is well suited to explaining step-by-step procedures or complex processes.

Animated explanatory videos


Animated explainer videos use animation and graphics to present information in a creative and visually appealing way. They are particularly effective in making abstract concepts understandable and holding the viewer’s attention.

Live action explanatory videos


Live-action explainer videos use real actors or people to present information. This type of video can create a personal connection with the audience and is well suited for products or services that need to be shown realistically.

Mixed forms and hybrid explanatory videos


Mixed forms and hybrid explainer videos combine different techniques to achieve an even more diverse presentation. For example, a video can contain both animations and live action scenes to convey the message effectively.

Areas of application for explanatory videos


Explanatory videos are used in various areas of application and offer a versatile way of conveying information.

Marketing and advertising


Explainer videos are often used in marketing to promote products or services. They can explain complex product functions in an easily understandable way and arouse the interest of potential customers.

Training and further education


In the education and training sector, explanatory videos are a popular means of conveying teaching content in an understandable way. They can turn complex topics into easily digestible lessons and make learning easier.

Customer care and support


Explainer videos are a useful tool for companies to answer customer queries and provide support. They can clarify frequently asked questions and provide solutions to problems, which increases customer satisfaction.

Internal communication


Explanatory videos are also used internally in companies to explain new guidelines, processes or procedures to employees. This promotes efficiency and understanding within the organization and contributes to smooth operation.

Steps for creating an explainer video


Creating an explainer video requires careful planning and execution. Here are the steps you need to go through:

The preparation


Preparation is a crucial step in the creation of an explainer video. This is where you define the aim of the video, identify your target audience and determine the core message. It is important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with the video.

The script


A well-thought-out script is the basis of a successful explainer video. This is where you define the sequence, the scenes and the text. The script should convey the core message of the video in a concise and understandable way.

The production


Production involves the actual recording or creation of the visual elements of the video. Depending on the type of explainer video, this may involve creating animations, shooting live action scenes or a combination of both. It is important to create high-quality visual elements to effectively convey the message.

The post-production


In post-production, the recorded elements are edited and cut together. This is where graphic design, sound effects and music come into play. Post-production is crucial to ensure that the video looks and sounds professional.

Publication and distribution


Once the video has been completed, it must be published and distributed. This can be done on your own website, on social media platforms, on video hosting websites or in emails. The choice of distribution platform depends on your target audience and your goals.

Best practices for the creation of explainer videos

To ensure that your explainer video is effective, you should consider best practices:

Target group analysis


A thorough analysis of your target audience is crucial in order to adapt the content and style of the video accordingly. By understanding your target audience, you can ensure that the video appeals to their needs and interests.

Storytelling techniques


Storytelling is an effective method of captivating viewers. A good explainer video should have a clear plot or narrative that ties the information together and appeals to viewers emotionally.

Graphic design and animation


Visual design plays a major role in explainer videos. High-quality graphics and animations can convey the message more effectively and make the video more appealing.

Speaker selection and voice-over


The choice of voice-over artist is important, as the voice has a major influence on the impact of the video. The voice-over should be clear and easy to understand and fit the message.

Music and sound effects


The right music and appropriate sound effects can influence the mood of the video and make it even more appealing. The choice of music should match the message and the target group.

Alles, was Sie über Erklärvideos wissen müssen

Tools and software for creating explainer videos


There are a variety of tools and software for creating explainer videos. The choice depends on your requirements and your budget.

Professional video editing software


Professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro offers extensive functions for editing and producing explanatory videos. However, this software often requires a learning curve and can be expensive.

Online creator tools and platforms


Online creator tools and platforms such as Powtoon, Vyond and Biteable are user-friendly and require no special technical skills. They offer ready-made templates and animations that facilitate the creation of explainer videos.

Outsourcing options and agencies


If you prefer to leave the creation of an explainer video to professionals, you can use agencies or freelancers who specialize in the production of explainer videos. This can save you time and effort and ensure that the result is professional.

Performance measurement and optimization of explainer videos


Once you have created and published your explainer video, it is important to measure its success and make improvements where necessary. Here are some steps you can take:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Define clear key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your explainer video. These can be metrics such as view numbers, completion rates, shares on social media or conversion rates. Regular monitoring of these KPIs allows you to track progress.

A/B testing and conversion optimization


Run A/B tests to compare different versions of your explainer video and find out which one works best. This can include optimizing elements such as the call-to-action, the length of the video or the color palette.

Feedback and continuous improvement


Gather feedback from your audience and team members. Analyze how the video is perceived and use this feedback to make continuous improvements. A good explainer video is never “finished” and can always be further optimized.

Case studies: Successful explainer video campaigns


To get a better understanding of how explainer videos can be used in practice, let’s take a look at some successful case studies from different industries:

Examples from various industries

  • E-commerce: An online fashion retailer used explainer videos to highlight the benefits of its products and increase the conversion rate on its website by 20%.
  • Healthcare: A healthcare provider used explainer videos to educate patients about complex medical procedures to increase patient satisfaction.
  • Technology: A software company used explainer videos to demonstrate the features of its new application and increase user activation by 30%.

Analysis of success factors


Analysis of these case studies shows that the success of explainer videos depends on various factors, including clear communication of the message, the quality of the animations or live-action scenes, audience engagement and the right distribution strategy.

The future of explainer videos


The world of explainer videos is constantly evolving. Here are some future trends and developments:

Trends and developments

  • Personalization: Personalized explanatory videos that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of viewers are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Interactive explainer videos: The integration of interactivity allows viewers to make decisions and influence the course of the video.
  • Artificial intelligence: AI-driven creation and recommendation algorithms will improve the efficiency and relevance of explainer videos.

Artificial intelligence and personalized videos


The integration of artificial intelligence makes it possible to tailor explanatory videos to the needs and preferences of viewers in real time. This leads to greater relevance and better viewer engagement.

Frequently asked questions about explanatory videos


To provide you with even more information, we answer some frequently asked questions about explanatory videos:

What does it cost to create an explainer video?


The cost of creating an explainer video can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of video, the length, the quality of the animations and the choice of production tools. There are both inexpensive online platforms and more expensive professional productions.

What is the optimum length for an explainer video?


The optimal length of an explainer video depends on the complexity of the topic and the attention span of your target group. As a rule, however, explainer videos should last between 1 and 5 minutes to keep attention.

How do I find the right speaker for my video?


Choosing the right speaker is crucial to the success of your explainer video. You should look for someone who can convey the message clearly and understandably and who fits the target audience. Professional voice actors can be a good choice as they have experience in voice recording.

Alles, was Sie über Erklärvideos wissen müssen



Explainer videos are a versatile and effective way to present complex information in an understandable way. With clear planning, high-quality content and continuous optimization, you can use the full potential of explainer videos to reach your audience and successfully convey your message.


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