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Problem awareness is missing - Why you need an explanation video for your business!

10 customers inquire at your company. 1 of these you will conclude. Why did the remaining 9 companies decide against your offer?


How we lead your company to success with our explanatory videos!

With us you get no 0815 cheap explanation video off the peg, but an individual explanation video, specially adapted to you, that fits you 100%. The main advantage of our explanation videos is that you actually win new customers.

First consultation



You tell us which explanatory video you would like to produce and send us an idea, concept or in the best case already a finished script.

explain it simple

In the course of the initial interview, we learn to understand how your topic, product or service works and, based on this, develop a concept and script that you actually need.




Stories that have been heard 1000 times and bore your customers.

explain it simple

Our professional scriptwriters explain your topic, product or service using unique stories that will inspire your customers.




Our professional scriptwriters explain your topic, product or service using unique stories that will inspire your customers.

explain it simple

Simple, highly serious or eye-catching explanatory videos – our experts will design your special style – precisely tailored to your company.




You have received your explanation video, upload it to YouTube, put it on your website, send it with e-mails and don’t get more customers!

explain it simple

We know exactly how we have to produce your explanatory video and position it in the market by means of online marketing so that you can win a large number of new customers in the future.




You have an average explanatory video and win the odd customer every now and then.

explain it simple

Your explanation video or explanation video series converts by means of a perfectly co-ordinated on-line marketing concept and wins month by month ever more new customers.

A selection of our explanatory videos:

The production of your explanatory video

When producing an explanatory video, our customers go through a clear step-by-step program. The good thing is that you are on board at every step, so you are not surprised at the end of the production with some kind of explanatory video that you might not like and therefore always have the necessary degree of control.

Step 1





Step 2

Step 3





Step 4

Step 5





Step 6

Why are the results of our customers
so good?

After we have finished your explanation video, we don't drop everything and stand still. In the next step we will make your explanatory video visible by means of a positioning paper and online marketing concept, which will lead to you actually winning more customers and generating more sales.

In summary, why you should become a customer


We support you

Are you unsure about how best to approach your explainer video project? We are happy to help you and advise you in a free initial consultation!

Nicoletta ben Jakoow

Explainer video consulting


You can commission us in 3 effective steps:


Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will discuss the essential details for your explanatory video in a free initial consultation.


On the basis of the first meeting we will work out an individual and precise offer for you. For larger projects, several phone calls and a personal meeting at your place, in one of our offices or via Skype are useful.


As soon as all details have been clarified and you have signed the offer, we can immediately start with the implementation of your explanatory video.

The company was founded 10 years ago, whereby our team was able to gain a lot of experience through a multitude of projects.

Our secret: We do not create explanatory videos that our clients want, but that our clients actually need.

Who needs an explanatory video at the end of the day? What it’s really about, explanatory videos are mostly produced so that companies can use them to win more customers. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly how this works in detail!

Due to our high quality standards, we have been able to win over start-ups, small businesses, medium-sized companies, corporations, as well as state institutions and organizations for our explanatory video agency in recent years.

The best you can do is to buy an explanatory video from us in combination with an online marketing concept! If you look at the explanatory video agencies that exist in German-speaking countries, there are only very few that produce explanatory videos that are suitable for use in online marketing. We think ahead, produce an explanatory video for you that is suitable for you to actually win more customers and combine it with a professionally coordinated online marketing concept. This is a highly efficient approach to use your explanatory video profitably and to increase your sales sustainably. 

In total, you will need about 3 to 5 hours, spread over a production period of 2 to 8 weeks.

During the entire production of the explanatory video, you will have a creative director as your contact person.

Our average production time is 4 to 8 weeks. An essential factor in speeding up the production process is that you always give us feedback as quickly as possible at each step of the production process.

We work together with many well-known Voice Over Artists and you can choose them freely.

You can order an infinite number of explanatory videos from us! 😊 Many of our customers are so enthusiastic about our explanatory videos that many of them have us produce several explanatory videos.

The rights are 100% yours, which also allows you to publish your explanatory video wherever you want.

You don’t have to worry about this, we will advise you here in detail and clarify this with you in the initial consultation.

Basically we deliver your video as MPEG4 and of course in FullHD. However, any other formatting and resolution can be realized on request.

Yes, we also offer payment by instalments, max. 3 instalments.