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How much does a professional explainer video cost?

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Explainer videos have already proven to be an effective tool for many companies, which is customer-friendly and effective for advertising. Today, you can find a wide range of explainer video agencies where you can have such explainer videos created. The prices can be quite different. While some providers advertise with special discounts and offer explainer videos for as little as 500 euros or less, with others you have to reckon with prices of 10,000 euros and more. As you can see, the price range is enormous!


But what should you be ready to spend if you want to have a decent explainer video and the probability is very high that you will not run into an explainer video disaster? On average, you can assume that you have to spend between 2000 and 5000 euros on such a video with a duration between 60 and 90 seconds. These prices are complete packages, which include all the elements that help the video to be effective. As a rule, individual wishes can be taken into account in addition to a package offer, which can increase the price accordingly.


New customer promotion: With our explainer video agency “explain it simple” you can get your first explainer video for as little as 1,500 euros!


As already mentioned, you can also find providers who offer such explainer videos for as little as 500 Euros or less. However, you should be skeptical about such prices. If you want an explainer video of high quality to increase brand awareness and win new customers, it is best to avoid cheap offers, because you will most likely fail. The reason for this is self-explanatory: Those who offer an explainer video on the cheap can only spend a few hours of work on the video. To be able to put together a video in this time, the so-called modular system must be used to produce the explainer video. So already existing elements from a program are used to put together the explainer video. The individual figures therefore repeat themselves in every video and no individuality can be guaranteed. Often, the individual steps that belong to the professional development of a video are not carried out completely in order to save costs. This can lead to various problems with the explainer video.

Price structure of an explainer video

Each explainer video is composed of different steps that require different amounts of work and are responsible for a certain percentage of the total price.


The first step to a good explainer video is the briefing and consultation. This important step sets the stage for a successful explainer video. The client is asked numerous questions that enable us to get to know our client and understand in what way the explainer video should work for them. Likewise, the client has the opportunity to ask questions and clarify possible ambiguities. This part makes about 15% of the total price.


The consulting phase is completed when the content and concept of the video are determined. Then the next phase is about creating the voiceover. This step accounts for about 20% of the price. The speech text is drafted and runs like a thread through the video. During the creation of the video, it is always necessary to adjust the text so that it perfectly matches the video.

Dubbing is another important step in the creation of the video, which accounts for about 15% of the price. For this purpose, the right voice actor must be found. Basically, the client has free choice when it comes to choosing the voice actor. However, the agency responsible for creating the video will perform quality control.

Finally, the animation for the video is created. About 30% of the price goes to this step. The first step is to create the individual graphics. These should always be made by hand to create an individual look. Hand-made graphics help to support the corporate identity and create a distinction from the competition.


Approximately 10% of the cost should be included for sound design. In an audio-visual medium, it is important to place sound effects and music skillfully so that they support the video in an effective way. If you want to find the right music, you should not shy away from Gema fees.


It is important that the customer is 100 percent satisfied with his explainer video. Therefore, the last step is to correct the video, which is done jointly by the client and the agency. For this step, one calculates about 10% of the total price.

Erklärvideo Preise

Positive marketing results with explainer videos

Market studies have shown that three out of four customers have had a positive experience with explainer videos and have improved their marketing results. 


The videos not only recoup the costs, but also contribute to a sustainable increase in sales. This is due to the different ways an explainer video works:


1) On the company’s website, the video helps explain a product and its features in a clear way.


2) A video usually contributes to a visitor staying longer on the website. This can improve the Google ranking.


3) Explainer videos can also be used in email marketing. It is statistically proven that the open rate is higher when a video is embedded.


4) A video is good to be shared on the social networks. Therefore, it is a good tool to increase brand and product awareness.


5) A good explainer video provides excellent material when a product needs to be presented and can be used at trade shows as well as during a customer presentation.


6) An explainer video is best suited for Facebook and YouTube Ads campaigns.


The variety of uses that an explainer video offers helps to make the price of this marketing tool worthwhile. Moreover, such a video can be used over a longer period of time and does not lose its effectiveness.


  • The prices for an explainer video always depend on the length and also special wishes of the customers influence the costs. A package price is always based on empirical values gathered during the creation of successful videos. They contribute to the fact that one can plan the costs in advance.
  • On average, you can expect costs between 2,000 and 5,000 euros. With our explainer video agency “explain it simple” you can get your first explainer video for as little as 1,500 euros!
  • Young start-up companies can benefit from discounted prices and still get the full service. – Some providers offer very low prices. However, these are only possible with the use of modular systems and prefabricated graphics.
  • If you take advantage of all the possibilities that an explainer video has to offer for your own marketing plan, the cost of the video will quickly pay for itself.

Explainer videos from explain it simple are fresh, crisp and effective. Small, medium and large companies already place their trust in us. When can we start working for you?

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