Step 6 - explain it simple

Training platform - Step 6

Summarized what you need us and do to work with explain it simple: 

1) Create email: –> create your last name at the area of the email. 

2) Content of e-mail no.1 + answer questions to: 

– Send us the completed work contract

– Send us a country and three states or cantons or districts to choose from, which you agree with for telephone sales

– Announcement in which languages you are native speaker and can perform telephone sales at a high level? 

– How many hours would you like to make phone calls from Mon to Fri?  

– When would you like to start telephoning? 

– Send us your business license, if you already have one

3) Email No.1 content: send us a promotional email to:, how you would send it to the customer. You will learn how to prepare this email in the training platform

If you want to start with us as an independent distributor, you can basically start at any time, but you must send us your trade license by e-mail at the latest before the first transfer to your bank account. Without a trade license we are allowed to transfer a maximum of 720 Euro per year to your bank account. Anything above this amount cannot be transferred without a trade license. 

4) Request new e-mail address: Write an e-mail to, where you ask that they create the following e-mail address for you: / May take up to 2 weeks for this e-mail address to be created. In the meantime, please work with this email address: