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Training platform - Step 3

Conversation guide for explainer video sales: 

Conversation guide download: Conversation-guide-explain-it-simple

Importantly, the more you know about explainer video, the better you will sell on the phone. More info in the blog:

Im Erstgespräch wollen die Kunden meistens wissen:

1) In the initial call, customers usually want to know: and on the home page: runterscroll, there you can also find the info.

2) Which explainer video style suits my company: 

3) How much does an explainer video cost:

Basically, you should sell an explainer video between 2,500 and 5,000 euros. Depending on whether it is a small company, medium-sized company or corporation and depending on what the requirements are, you should price it as follows:

Start-ups or small companies: 2,500.- Euro / Medium-sized companies between 3,000.- to 4,000.- Euro / Corporations: 5,000.- Euro.

You have a free hand in selling here, which price you offer here. What is essential is that over time you will develop a sense of what price is best to apply to each request.


Is it possible to offer 3D and special explainer videos? 

Please offer whiteboard or 2D color animations. If the customer needs a 3D or special explainer video, we will discuss the quotation with the customer ourselves. In this case, please write an e-mail to the head office. If a deal is made here, you will get the full commission according to the work contract.