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Training platform - Step 2

Create advertising email + Advertising email 

1) Create advertising e-mail: 

Please create the following email address: –> This email address is considered temporary and should be used this way for a few months at most.

Request long-term e-mail address: Please write an e-mail to: –> Please indicate that you would like the following e-mail address to be created for you: –>

The e-mail address will then be created within a few days. 

As soon as you have created an e-mail address, please send to the following e-mail address the promotional e-mail that you would send to the customer, so that we can check again whether this e-mail has been prepared correctly by you.

2) Promotional e-mail:
Dear Sir or Madam, I am sending you initial information regarding the topic of explainer videos, detailed pricing and a specific quote.
I would be grateful if you could give me a short feedback that you have received my offer.

More information regarding our explainer video agency and in general about explainer videos: 

1) Short introduction of our company:

2) Procedure for the production of your explainer video:

3) Details for the application areas of an explainer video:

4) Which explainer video style suits my company:

5) How much does an explainer video cost:

6) Current customer feedback:

Regarding a free initial consultation, further portfolio and information, please visit our website: We would be happy to work with your company. Yours sincerely, Dominik Mikulaschek (state own name) Dominik Mikulaschek (state own name) Sales representative at explain it simple

T  +43 650 8120848

M (List own e-mail address) Digital Solutions 360

Note: Please rewrite the contact details with regard to your own data.

Please download two attachments for the email and always attach them when emailing the customer:

Note: The customer will receive a professional promotional email and 2 attachments consisting of offer sheet and concept / script paper. 

1a) Download offer slip 1: Offer-explain-it-simple-prices-overview (companies outside of Austria) –> The overview serves to always have all options in mind. Please send the customer only one option at a time, i.e. 3 points must always be deleted. 

1b) Download offer form 2: Offer-explain-it-simple-prices-overview (companies in Austria)–> The overview serves to always have all options in mind. Please send the customer only one option at a time, i.e. 3 points must always be deleted

2) Download concept and script paper: Concept and script create – explain it simple –> Download concept and script paper. 
The questions in this word must be answered by the customer and sent back, only then we can make a final price estimate. 


1) Must VAT always be included in the quotation? 

Since the company is located in Austria, the 20% VAT must be calculated only for offers for companies in Austria. For all companies outside of Austria, this point will only be filled with a blank line, i.e. the VAT does not have to be calculated. 

2) Does the offer form number have to be changed?

No, the number can always be the same or a number can be chosen at your own discretion.