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How to find the right explainer video agency

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While digital and content marketing are constantly evolving, one thing is certain: video marketing has taken a firm hold. Users are watching more videos than ever before, and there’s no sign of that trend slowing down. Looking to have an explainer video created for your business? We have tips for you on how to find the perfect explainer video agency for you and why you should leave it to the professionals to create explainer videos for your business.


Why you should hire an explainer video agency

While you may already have a clear idea of the concept and purpose of your explainer film, an explainer video agency has all the tools to really bring your vision to life. Of course, it is more expensive to hire an agency than to buy a license for an editing program, but in the end you can expect a higher quality and a better result. The following reasons also speak for hiring an agency.

An explanatory film agency has all the expertise

There are many things you may not have thought of, such as animation and sound mixing. Not to mention that a good agency has all the relevant expertise, equipment and skills.

Save time and money

Of course, you can invest in your own video equipment, write your own scripts, shoot the videos and then edit and publish them. But do you have time for that besides your other tasks? However, if you invest in an explainer video agency in advance, you will save a lot of time, money and nerves in the long run and achieve the desired result.

A professional explainer video agency helps you with online marketing

Good agencies also give you tips on where and how you can best use the explainer video to address potential new customers in the best possible way. A good agency already has a lot of experience in this area and has often helped companies to use their explainer video in the best possible way.

Modern explanatory film agencies also think about Gen Z

Gen Z is the first fully digital generation that has not lived in a world without advanced technology. This generation spends over 25% of their day online, so it’s crucial to market to them properly. Explainer videos can be a part of this.

What to look out for when choosing the right explainer video agency

Explainer film agencies are a dime a dozen. At first glance, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the right one for your company. However, you should definitely consider the following things when making your choice.

Compare the prices

There’s a reason why a T-shirt at H&M costs 10 euros and one at Gucci costs ten times that. In most cases, you get what you pay for. This is also the case with video agencies. If the agency charges conspicuously low prices, it’s most likely because they have little experience and, accordingly, may not be the best choice for your business. Conversely, however, there are also agencies where the prices are almost outrageously high. While many agencies are justified in charging these high prices, some are not. Therefore, inform yourself well about the different prices and offers of different agencies. Most agencies can make you a non-binding offer, so the prices can be easily compared.

Watch sample videos

To get an idea of how good the explainer videos of an explainer video agency are, it is best to watch several sample videos. This will give you a good overview of the style of the videos and whether it fits your company. Before you decide on an agency, you should take a close look at their portfolio. Remember, quality is more important than quantity, so don’t immediately rule out younger agencies. Is their work detailed? Easy to understand? Does it fit the vibe of your own business? Does any of their work reflect the tone of the video you’re looking for? These questions are important early in the agency decision process, not only because they teach you about the agency, but also expose you to a variety of styles that will help you craft your own project later.

Pay attention to the creativity

Nowadays there are many agencies for explainer videos. In a market as saturated as this one, you see the same styles and formats over and over again. Look for videos that don’t fit the explainer video norm. To an outsider in the industry, trends or art styles may not be as noticeable. But we all know when something looks good, right? Use your judgment when choosing an agency to work with, and we’ll all get better video content on the web.

Ask around in your network

If you have people in your business network that you already trust, then hopefully you can trust their recommendations as well. This gives you the opportunity to ask them many questions about their experience with a particular agency. Also, you may be able to find new agencies that you haven’t heard of yet.

Customer friendliness and schedule

Although it is difficult to know if an agency will deliver your project on time and is customer friendly, there are some things you can look out for. How the agency responds to customer inquiries or how quickly they answer your calls can tell you a lot about their customer friendliness. If the company takes a few days to respond to a text message and takes a long time to answer your calls, they have a bad schedule. However, if they handle your requests quickly, it’s a sign that they are time conscious. If the agency doesn’t value your time, then you shouldn’t work with them either. Any explainer video agency worth its salt should be able to provide you with a detailed timeline of how long it will take to complete a project.

Free initial consultation

Eine seriöse Erklärvideo Agentur wird immer ein kostenloses Beratungsgespräch mit Dir führen. So kannst Du auch sicherstellen, ob ihr auf einen gemeinsamen Nenner kommt und eine Zusammenarbeit zustande kommt. Im kostenlosen Erstgespräch siehst Du auch, ob sich die Agentur auch wirklich die Zeit nimmt, auf Deine individuellen Bedürfnisse einzugehen, oder ob sie eher 0815-Videos von der Stange produziert.A reputable explainer video agency will always conduct a free consultation with you. This way you can also make sure that you come to a common denominator and a cooperation is established. In the free initial consultation, you can also see whether the agency really takes the time to address your individual needs, or whether they rather produce 0815 videos off the shelf.

Look around for advertising from explainer video agencies

If you see advertising from explainer video agencies, that’s a positive sign. If you have often seen online advertising from an agency and it is also represented on social media, then this agency is certainly a good contact. Because only explainer video agencies that successfully market themselves with explainer videos are really serious.


As you can see, working with an explainer video agency has many obvious advantages. For example, you can have your own unique, high-quality video custom-made with them. Working with an agency is fantastic for businesses of all sizes. It encourages creativity of ideas and takes away the hassle of planning, filming and putting together an explainer video yourself.


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